Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Fast Twitch

Apparently those muscles still work. It is really strange waking up in an ambulance outside of a hospital on your birthday in a strange city. I've never had a seizure before. Both my brother and father are epileptic and have been since their teens. I'm 43, and that is how I got to celebrate my birthday with my co-workers. They were awesome staying with me at the ER and getting me back to the hotel... and Diane was amazing in getting on a flight at 5:30 in the morning and coming down to help get me back home. Lets talk about depression for a sec. I am treated for it, I let it control my life for a number of years and wreck all kinds of havoc. I take meds for it. This was relayed to the hospital, who despite this information gave me a healthy dose of Ativan, which can seriously react with my other meds... and did. Lets just say it took 3+ days before I could function again. But I am back to feeling normal again, though I can't drive or consume alcohol until my neuro clears me. But I have bikes, what can go wrong? D, gets me around when she can, and I have vacation time to burn, so bike rides and work in the shop and home office and stuff and things... and naps

Total Reboot

So If anyone comes here, at all, anymore, I have wiped it clean, starting over... It will continue to be about me, bikes, work, family, nonsensical stuff, animals (we have 5 cats and a dog) and all that jazz. Life is good. It will be fun to be back on this. Oh and it is still singlespeeds (mostly) and GPS.